I Haven't Been Here Or There. Just Omnipresent.

I just wanted to make a quick post before I go into college mode at work.

At work. No one is here except me and my "co-worker" so...
Why not?
I'm nervous about writing class. I have to turn in my late project. Speaking of...I have that video project from psych I need to edit as well.
This is turning into a checklist. Whoops. I'm sorry.
I just took a peek at Tori's blog; I hope you have too. :) I'm not really sure how many people read this or if this is a waste of time. But it's MY waste of time. A space to breathe and let it all flow out. Or come out. Whichever floats yer boat. I am sitting in my office right now. Honestly, I am on the fence about missing this building and these people. I know I'll miss my boss. As for the others...no. I highly doubt that they know me at all. I don't really talk about myself unless it's apparent. Like my contacts or my clothes. The outside, and while I keep myself inside and mile to myself. I can't say I really know them either. In class today, we were talking about how we perceive people. How bad things can be justified if you do it, but if someone else does it's unforgivable. I think what I got from our lecture is that people can be maniacal. I am amongst those people.

Off topic: I want to capture this sunlight coming in from my window right now. It's very pretty and makes everything seem concrete. Not hazy or dark. Just there. I like it a lot. I painted my fingers again. Picture later? Yes, later.

As I said, today I was thinking too much and I thought about how we as people act in society. We all put a blanket on our personality or how we are to be less crazy as we are behind closed doors or with our friends. And the people who aren't are labeled misfit. Crazy. Unkempt. I don't know where I'm going with this, but thank you for staying with me.

Go listen to Manchester Orchestra.

I've been catching all your ghosts for every season.
I pray to God you won't come back here anymore,
do you pray to Him too?

When you look at me I'll be digesting...your legs.
'Cause I can barely see what's in front of me,
these days.
And those days too.

God, where have you been?

I got to get all this stuff done.


#23: O, God. You are nearer than I thought.

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Janae said...

I just love you, lady!

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