It feels like it's been forever!

Has it? 

No wayyy. How are you guys? I hope so good. So, so good. :) This week flew by and I have 32 minutes left of Leap Day! I didn't do anything special, just went to school and such.

Washed clothes? Extra lame. I hope everyone liked my mix! I'm want to try to make another one this week, but my sister is coming up to visit so I may not see a computer for a while! Well, until Monday or so! I do want to update you.

So, the conference in Lubbock was amazing! I'm glad the kids got to go and I was able to as well. Also, on Sunday, I was really touched by God and it was more than needed. Sometimes His love and grace overwhelms me. In a very good way. I just want Him to use me like I've never been used before. 2012. This is it.

Before I forget, Friday's outfit!

T to B.

Blacked out. Real talk. And I had my creepers on. Just a creepin'. ;) SXSW is coming up in a hurry. March 13th to be exact, and I can't wait! It's going to a mess of fun and mess of mess! This girl and I are going! Hopefully. Don't jinx it, guys. We will be hitting the streets, and I definitely will be on the lookout for this band, because it's my goal of the whole week to see/meet/go to their show. I need to! Have to! I'm coming for them hxc. I am going to get into as many free shows as I can. There was a guy who was really cute who sat by me and I didn't say anything. Shucks. :(  I have a lot of random things on my mind, and it's hard to catch all of them. I'm just one weird cookie. 


PS: But, you don't really care for music, do ya?

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