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What a creeper title! Haaaaaaaaaaays!


It's Tuesday, and as always I'm swamped in homework. SXSW was amazing! I saw The Shins perform and non surprisingly they played my two favorite songs from them! People were everywhere. To get to the Shins, we had to walk a mile. I had on comfy shoes and I still got a blister. Not cool. I think it's gone now. Also, tonight. I submitted to this site finally! I wanted to do it forevs, and today I took a semi-okay picture and posted it! I will totally post my post on their site!

Back to SXSW; I didn't get to see Twin Atlantic. :( Also, they're going to be on the first half of the Warped Tour! Guess when it will be in Texas?

The second half. I can't win. Someway, I want to see them.

 Me & you-know-who at Big Bites in Austin! That burger was stuffed with everything that's bad for you but it was so so good! :}

Waiting at the custard stand after the Shins. A lot of people started crowding quick! We all had the same idea. 
 Our tired feet as we wait outside of  the Whataburger  for my sister to pick us up!

Right before she drove up, there was this guy on a bike talking to and loading his van up in this woman's sketchy van. Totally. Doors all open in the middle of the lot and just picking him up. We made up captions.

Woman: Yeah, we're like, having this small get together/house party at my place, and I was wondering if you wanted to come?

Dude: Oh, far out, far out. How big is it going to be?

Woman: Pretty small, one of my friend's cousins knows the guy from Passion Pit and he's suppose to stop by but it's still going to be hush-hush. I can give you ride.

Ha! So looked like that. Everyone thinks they are musicians in Austin. True story. I would love to live there, but I know after seeing everyone and their mom trying to get a small spot on the side showcase of SXSW it gets a little nagging. 

Let's just say that. ;) 

I didn't spend much time downtown as last year, but it was still filled with music galore. 

Speaking of music! Proudly presenting my second mixtape! :D


Just click away! I hope you enjoy the mixes. Do you guys have any suggestions on what I should put on there? :)

My mom started her new job, and I'm so happy for her. She works at a state hospital 9-5. It's crazy, because it reminds of me of Shutter Island So bad. All the mentally unstable people are committed there along with pedophiles, and kids/teens who are insane or were not controllable by their families.  It's so sad, really. Your family dumps you on the state in a building where you live for a long time. The point of the place is to get the people stable enough for society. Most patients aren't supposed to be there for an extended period of time, but some are. Shutter. Island! Oh man. 

I just watched movie trailers for 20 minutes.

Don't judge me!


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