My Flesh May Fail, But My God, You Never Will.

Hay, guys, haaay!

I promised pictures from Lubbock, so that's exactly what I'm doing. I also just want to say this. This week has been hectic. Way stressful, and God has been with me the whole time. Just like always. :) I was out of gas for my car. Seriously. On E. I didn't have any money and my tax return so far from my bank account it's unreal. One of the ladies from church tonight said she was impressed to give me gas money and just money for extra stuff.


I just love the Lord. You know, He is always on time, and I think that people are in your life for a purpose. Everything has a purpose. One of the chicks who just started coming to our church called me tonight and was just singing praises. How simple, but powerful. She was just lifting her voice to the Lord. I...I....wow. Now, I have gas and money left to spare. Also, my mom was invited out to eat tomorrow to celebrate a birthday! The restaurant they're going to is the same one she's been wanting to go to! Super flippin' buffet! Also, all this week my eye has been twitching. I looked it up and it's from stress factors or fatigue. I'm pretty sure I have both of those. It's been a rough semester already and it's not even midway. I was wondering about other people and their majors and what they deal with...I can't say I haven't thought about throwing in the towel. But something always stops me. God. I've gone so far and worked hard to get to SA to throw it out the window. No. I'm not surrendering. Not ever, not in the future. Just...NO! Tonight, I have on this biiig hoodie and I don't feel particularly fashion-y, but that doesn't stop me from creeping some bloggies. Which, I'm going to put up a blogroll. So, you guys can see what I read and get inspiration from. :)

Changes. They are a'coming! How did you like the mix? Any suggestions on making them better? 


Mhm! :) Kids praying at the alter and all that jazz!

More to come, we are in the middle of a revival and I'm mega excited! That mix is coming soon, so don't get too antsy. ;D 
I was thinking about getting a wig!



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