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Hello there!

It's been a whirlwind of a month, but I'm back! Spring Break is here and can you say excitement!?! I def can. I've been really inspired to DIY and I totally did. Fasten your seat belt; it's about to get crazy.

How are you guys? :) I've been mindlessly busy. Besides school and studying, I try to be social and do work at church. Youth stuff. Insane. Like, in Lubbock. Those kids are really getting something from God. Really really amazing. Happy. For them! Need it! Broken homes. What else? So, I was dead broke at the beginning of this month. No money and mom had not started her job...rent was due. I prayed and prayed. A blessing came through just on time for both of us. Money! Wooooo!! He always saves me...

On a lighter note, I am burning the midnight oil for you guys. In a couple of hours, I'm going to Austin for SXSW!!! Too excited for that! I really really want to see Twin Atlantic, but they are playing the showcase that costs hundreds of dollars? Is there any way I can see them? T___T Maybe on the streets downtown or in my dreams! I'm meeting up with her and we're going to turn ATX upside down in 24 hours. ;D I am going to try to get as many pictures as I can. Also, the main free show we're going to is The Shins! Honestly, they aren't on my list to see, but it's SXSW and I think they're pretty cool. :) So, I'm happy to go with my friend. I'm also spending time with my sister. :) Oh! Btw, she came up here two or three weekends ago. It was really fun and I knew that she needed to get away. She gets so stressed sometimes! I'm happy she made it up. So! I tried doing this DIY for a printed shirt on Monday. First day of SB and I started it off with a bang!

The main reason I did the project because my green v-neck had a big oil stain on it. :( I couldn't bare to part with it, so I wanted to do this! 

The finished shirt:

:3 I love it! Can you tell? It took me all day. I ran into some problems, though:

  • The paint. I used acrylic, and I guess I misread the instructions that said fabric paint? So, it went through the shirt because it was so thin. Also, the newspaper I was using stuck to the back of the shirt. -_- Whoops.
  • The paint smeared so some of the hearts loop weird. 
  • It took forever.
I think all the probs were because of the paint, and then it spilled on my carpet! FML. I used this cleaner that had bleach in it. A small foot shaped bleach mark was the result. Never. Again!

I couldn't leave the paint, could I? I should be sleeping, but I really wanted to update before I left and let you guys know what I'm doing. Also, I'm going to put the second mixtape up on my next post! I know, I know, I'm sorry!! :) This week has passed by so fast! It makes me sad, because I wanted to go s l o w, because I don't want to go back to schoolskis!

We don't need no education! 

Anyway, I'm going to head to bed and try to get some rest. Can I fly instead? I don't even feel like driving to ATX tomorrow...


I've been addicted to selling my stuff on eBay. Go and look and bid on my shirt and skirt! :D

Right here

♥ and mushy kisses, 

PS: Ohhhh! Guns of Brixton!
I have fallen in love with this guy. Go watch his videos.


Steve Finnell said...

you are invited to follow my blog

M├Ągi said...

Love the shirt! Oi, looks fantastic. And when I saw what it looked like above on you, beautiful, Miss Rachel.


I want to be in Austin.

I accidentally ended up at SXSW last year simply because my dad's work flew me over there that weekend. One of the most beautiful coincidences I've experienced.

I love your writing voice.

R-a-chel! said...

Thank you so much, Magi! You are a beauty yourself. Someone that can't be tied down. The best kind of lady. :)

I love that shirt, too! I can't believe I just did that! ♥

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