Some R&R

Hey guys!

I am out of school, and this is some of the stuff I've been doing!

That's right! I went to this fancy but not really restaurant, and ate my first buffalo burger! It tastes different, but if I didn't know it was buffalo I would think it was beef. And I finally finished my octopus! I'll probably name it! Charles Trippy? So, I am just tickled pink to be out of school. Last night/this morning, I went to my friend's going away party. He is like going to Montana for the WHOLE summer! Jesus! That is crazy, but he is an adventurous man. :) Haha, I got home and my mom said something about a curfew..I was just laughed and went to bed. ^__^ She is too little, too late on that. 4 years? 4 years late? Yep. When I was younger, I didn't have a car or friends who would hang out with me out of school, so I was home all the time. Those were very lonely times.


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