Meet Me At The Crossroads

Have you ever been to a place where you can't choose or decide what the right choice is? It's so hard. This is not how I wanted to start this entry, but sometimes life just gets me down. And in the back of mind I know that God is there to help me up again, but my flesh gets in the way and it becomes "poor, poor Rachel" and such. I don't want to judge people; I want to love them. I try my hardest to do that, and sometimes it isn't enough. I am out of ideas. All I have is questions that no one can answer for the time being. It's beyond frustrating, and I can count the nights I've sat up with my thoughts going to & fro in my minid like a bird with clipped wings. I guess the only person who can answer me is Him...

I'm going to go listen to some Bone Thugs & Harmony.

♥ you guys,

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