What Do You Get When You Can't Talk?

Sick, that's what.

I'm sorry guys. :( I'm under the weather. This hot, hot, humid weather.
It started out with a little thing, but now it is a big problem. So, I have my mom just drugging me up with Alavert and chicken soup. I should be a-ok in no time! Actually, Sarah is sick as well with a sinus infection. Twinners!! Sunday night, I blew out my voice by straining to sing and after that I couldn't talk much. By the time night service was over, it was gone. 85% gone. Today at work, my nose started running and it's been a battle ever since. =/ I can't talk much, and I'm suppose to go out in the field for my job tomorrow to get motel/hotel pamphlets for the advertisement. I may just call in, because I don't think they'll understand me. Since I'm hoarse. Mm.

bye bye!


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