Love Rushed & Untreated.

Hello everyone!

Here's a poem I thought up. I almost made it into a short story:

An unacceptable dowry for a fake princess,
that is what I am.
Don’t deny my fake teachings and false tours of the world.
Even I can’t hide the fact that my gowns are made from poorly spun cotton that is the itchiest in the summer months.
It was my parent’s idea to get me into a well to do family so they can die happy.
How unselfish of them.
I hope it falls faster than the Ottoman Empire.
I could care less to marry a rich pompous man of stature.
He would not love me.
He was just keep me inside for making a son.
My utter nightmare.
Pray tell, I do have wits about myself.
I shall escape.
Never to be in another person’s head.
Yes! I must go to the hills and educate myself on the wiles of the forest.
To do and say as I please with only the bears and crickets to hear my ramblings.
I could see myself as a witch if it weren't so hideous to be one.
A woman who controls her destiny and dares any man to cross her path, for that matter. It is not like I do not want love. I am just wary of it.
I want something true; something I can feel.
Not royal, cold love.
I shudder to think if I were to marry that twit Suttersworth.
If I had stayed.
If only things were different.

I still have my pictures, and I WILL be putting them up. So...be watchful!


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