Like A Hearse, I'm Waiting On That Special Someone. ♥


Hey guys,

For the past weeks, I haven't been doing much of anything. One thing is that I've been hanging out with that beauty. :) I missed & skipped Biology today because I didn't wake up. My alarm was never set, but I promise you I switched the alarm to on. One of my neighbor's dogs hung himself. The owner came outside, looked at it and went back inside. My mom whispers to us that they buried it where the house was and put a new dog there. Today she thought differently; it was buried somewhere else. That would be horrible to die where you lived. If humans were like that, nothing would smell good. The flowers would smell like death...bah. I feel really thoughtful. I'm sorry I haven't been blogging a lot. I just keep forgetting and the days go by so fast. Today at work, everyone slowly just left before 5. It was stupid. At 4:55, my boss waved at me signaling she was leaving and I had to go too. We were the only ones left. =/ I hung out with friends and special friends last night. I had a good time. I felt anxious and quiet annd I was laughing uncontrollably because of the thought of a special friend, but we'll see what happens. It was still fun to see him. I want to know more. I saw that someone voted! Thank you, friend! ♥ Yep, I just gave you a shout-out. I have school in 6 hours...but it's ok. I think I will sleep when I get home after. That sounds good. Really good. I was lurking tumblr's and they have such pretty pictures. They are pleasing to the eyes and senses. It's weird, but sometimes when I see a picture I can imagine the atmosphere and how it felt to snap that. Pretty. Prettyness. What are your favorite things to wear? Here are mine:


Skirts that are pretty!

headbands! Don't judge me! I hate Gossipgirl!

This looks creepy, but I love Japanese lolita. Why? It's so dang cute.

Cocktail hats. :)

Scarves. ♥

Dude. Bracelets. I love them, and I can't get enough!

fishnets, I have them and love them.

Just a couple things off the top of my head. I have been listening to A Fine Frenzy's "One Cell In The Sea" [Featuring a sweet, sweet elf.] through the blogging process.


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