All I C Iz Yuu!

Hello? Are you there?

Just kidding! What's up? What's new? I start school on Monday and I have mixed emotions about it. I want to get Biology out of the way, but then I want to sleep and watch stuff. No, but it will be nice to see all of my college friends again! Yay! :D So, I got Anna aka, my lovely car back yesterday and I am so happy about driving myself. My gosh, it was getting to the breaking point with mom. =/ Sad but true. I miss my freedom. Lookville is so awesome. Last night, I made the impossible, possible. Lookatthisifyoucare&dare. Oh yeah, that is happening. I've wanted to do this for a bit, and we are just the ladies to start it up! :) I have a great feeling about this. On another note, I am falling for this guy. J I M G A F F I G A N. He is so funny, and it makes my boring job just that much easier. Go check him out, guys. :D

signing off with ♥,

PS: Please subscribe to our little channel, and be our friends. We already like you. :)
PPS: Ohmigosh, my sister is graduating!! I am so proud of her!! :D


Tima said...

Hi Rachel,
Thanks for sharing your blog. I got it from Swap=bot.

Ashley said...

HI! This is ashley kurtz from swap-bot! I was paired with you to check out your blog! Awesome posts! I am following your blog and I can't wait for future posts :)


Aesa said...

Hello, (Bonjour)
I come to visit your blog whith "The swap-bot swap check out my blog". I read your blog it in full, I like it...

laura said...

Hey Rachel! This is lmhruska from swap-bot. I LOVE Jim Gaffigan. He's hilarious. Was reading your post about roe sushi too: you're braver than I am by far. I can't do the raw fish thing. Take care and keep blogging!

priti said...

hi rachel..............thank you for your lovely comment.Yup,i do sell the purses.In fact I used to sell Indian beaded & sequined purses on etsy but then it takes months to make 1 purse:)
so I have shut that shop & now making these bags which you saw on the blog for selling.If you fancy any lemme know or have anything particular in mind,i would love to make it for you:)
you have a pretty intellectual blog going on here...........all the best:)

Emma said...

Hey this is Hell0Z0mbie from swapbot, checking out your blog! Your youtube videoblog thing is adorable XD

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