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C: Bonjour, friends!

So, I counted all the votes on what I should add to my blog, and music won! Of course! So, I'll be making some changes. I'm excited because we're moving! West Columbia; so pumped because I'll be closer to my friends and everyone else. Angleton is far away from everything, but is 15 minutes away from Lake Jackson where the mall, ect resides. So, there's a lot of pros and cons, but I'm excited to live in a better environment! In general! Our neighborhood is the worst. Mm, mm. Ahum, school and work. Everyday. :P Yuck! Right? I feel bad because I haven't been sewing or crocheting all that much. I just don't have time to sit and do that right now, and now that we're moving I have to start taking down stuff and boxing it up. You know? So...it makes me sad because I love it but.....I'll get over it! Making a package for my private swap with Jess from Brazil! Top notch! :D I can't wait to see what she is sending me. She is a pretty cool chick. I have this book waiting on me to read:

I saw it on someone's tumblr and it looks good. It's about the struggles of a WW2 veteran and how he immerses himself into society and culture once more. I'm positive that I'll like it. Any internal conflicts or society based books, I'm all over it. Fiction, that is. Oh man. White Oldeander by Janet Fitch. I read a fourth of that book. Not worth it. If it was a novel I have to read in class, I'd do it, but since it's on my own time. No thanks. It's about this lady and her daughter. The woman is a poet, but she works as a columnist at a newspaper. Her kid is 13 and looks up to her mom, she thinks she is the greatest. In reality, her mom neglects her basically and is a feminist. So the mom meets a guy who treats her so good and she falls in love even though she taugh her daughter to hate men. The guy end up leaving her for another woman and she just goes insane and murders him. Literally. The girl goes to a foster home of Starr a born again prostitute her daughter and two sons. Then she gets kicked out for sleeping with Starr's boyfriend, and she is bounced from home to home. Each one having a different story. I wasn't liking her frame of thought, and how careless she was towards the world. =/ I sat it down, but whatever. Looking forward to The Outcast! Bring it! byee!


Lesley said...

This book sounds like something I'd really like, thanks for making it known to me! White Oleander is one of my fav books, I couldn't put it down when I first read it a few years ago. One recent book I read that I LOVED is The Birth House by Ami McKay.

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~TrainMama~ said...

Sounds interesting! I like books set back in the day so to speak. I have not finished reading the last book I started. Maybe once school starts back I will have more time. Thanks for joining my swap :)


Coleen said...

Hi Rachel, thanks for that review. And thanks for following on my blog. I'm following on yours now too.
Blessings on your day.
Coleen, an American living in Ukraine.

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