Sooo, heys!

I haven't blogged in a bit; and my fingers are rusty! Just kidding, but how are you? How ya been? :) It's been a whirlwind for me. The past...7 days has been crazy. Wow! A week. So, it turns out I didn't go to the concert. Cute Is What We Aim For. :( Triple sad face. Uhm, just car trouble, and I felt so bad! The "rental place" gave me the run around. Very unprofessional. It made me upset, because it wasn't just me going. >___> Anyways, with that let down, the next day which I had off I went in to work! So awesome, I mean, who wouldn't want to face cranky co-workers who don't respect after letting down more than one person?! Me! On the bright side, my mom has been so gracious getting me to & from work and stuff. ♥ Hearts to her. I totally forgot what it is like having one car. It's so bizarre and...lame. Hahaha, and well the rest of the week was a blur kind of. Memorial weekend was what I was looking for. Monday off! For the flippin' win. Sunday, I tried this:

Roe. Did it. Ate roe sushi, another type of roe, and squid. I also had some lovely udon combo. It was an adventure to say the least. I've always wanted to try it and I'm a food explorer. I'll try any food except Rocky Mountain Oysters, and genitalia. That's just where I draw the line. :) But this was not the latter, and I liked it! When I was little, my mom told me about roe, and I always thought of little tadpoles swimming around, but it's not even that! If it was, I wouldn't eat it. No way. I enjoyed it. :) So, today I got an email from a lady who is associated with Lookville, and they want me to join them on their social fashion network!! They thought the look & content of my blog was top notch! I was so flattered, and I want everyone to know about them! They are a new site, and if you're into fashion you can give other people tips on their outfits and rate other people. See profiles, become friends, and just basically live in fashion heaven. :D I like it, and I'm sure you will too. That was just such an awesome surprise for me. One of the highest points in two weeks for me. Yeah, I said it. Woah, I'm tired.


PS: I made a headband; it is so cute. :3 Pictures soon! It's kinda big, though! Oh well! :)

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