Happy Thanksgiving, Charlie Brown!

Happy Thanksgiving, guys & bloggy!

I'm thankful for:
  • God
  • not being sick exactly on Thursday
  • friends
  • family
  • soda that makes me burp
  • my sister being home. ^_^
What are youuuu thankful for? I downloaded a Descendents album. Excited/grateful for that! I go get my sister from the Greyhound, and we end up in the ghetto. Scared us half to death. It's ridiculously dark. Barely any light. We made it out of there, though. We were thinking about kids who grew up there and that's all they know and them trying to make a new life for themselves. Get out of there and become something. Go to school and for girls, not get pregnant and stay in the projects. Saturday! Saturday! Saturday! I went to see Motion City Soundtrack! I lurrrve them, and they were amazing. Justin Pierre and Joshua Cain were getting back on their bus and I got a wave. C: I was happy about that! I suck because I was in the second row, front and center through all the crappy bands and then when Motion City was up, I got sick. Like nauseated. I gave it up. Maaan, anyways. Here is Motion City's setlistbecausethat'sallIcareabout!

The Weakends
Everything Is Alright ♥
Pulp Fiction ♥
Capital H
This Is For Real ♥
Feel Like Rain
Indoor Living
Her Words Destroyed My Planet ♥
Even If It Kills Me ♥
When You're Around
Make Out Kids ♥
My Favorite Accident ♥
Broken Heart
A Lifeless Ordinary (Need a Little Help) ♥

Back To The Beat
Disappear ♥
The Future Freaks Me Out ♥

Such a good set! I loved just about every song! :) Besides my feet feeling like cornhusks, I had such a great time! A girl apologized for grinding her junk on me! It can't get any better than that! Some vid. :)

A Great Big Pile Of Leaves!

Saves The Day = made me remember 10th grade all over again.

Say Anything..no words. I didn't like it.


Everything Is Alright!

Capital H!

Even If It Kills Me!

Make Out Kids!

My Favorite Accident!

Look at this!

An egg omelet with a stack of pancakes! So much food for after a concert, so I did a take out. Like..15 minutes after I got there. I think I will make that a tradition...Ihop after concertos. :D Tomorrow, I will be going up to Cleveland [other side of Houston] to see my mom's cousin and to film my psychology project. I'm nervous that I won't be filming much, but God will be with us. Me & my sister. :)


#17: Pop music isn't bad, our time is.

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