You're Never Gonna Believe This!


What a day/weekend!! Eisley was
so amazing. They are beautiful in person. First of all, when I got there, I was kinda early and I ended up behind these two black kids. They were looking good, but I think they were making fun of me. Turning around and giggling. That's okay, when we got up to the gate, they had to go get their tickets and I went ahead of them. :) Karma. So, it was in the smaller room in the Warehouse; very cute and cozy. Their little sister & brother opened and Ives the Band. They were pretty good. Talented and nice. I loved that it was so intimate and the closeness was addicting. It made me think all the more about leaving. I'm going to miss home, but I'm ready to go. Oh, and I totally made it there and back without directions! Heck yes! I remember when I had to get my friend's mom to drop me off at shows because I couldn't go to them myself. Woah, young times. So, yeah! I got the setlist! I was being weird and didn't get the pick, but this guy by me did. Good for him. I didn't even get the people next to me's sweat on my clothes! YES! My 9th grade math teacher was there; he wasn't kidding when he said he loved them a lot. He mentioned that this was his 4th time seeing them. The first after his son was born. So sweet! Enough chit-chat! The pictures/videos!

set list, set list!
As an encore, they played Trolley Wood! I was so happy! ^___^

A bit of pedals.

Christie DuPree ♥

Christie & her brother, Colin!

Ives the Band! [cute drummer. Hehehe!]

Jason Tolliver, the leadsinger, doing his thing. They aren't too bad! Their music is like poppy whimsical rock. :) It's cute, and they have a certain way of swaying with the beat onstage. Jason can actually sing. That's the best part.

The best drummer shot I could manage. He was too busy flailing around, being hot. ;D


Stacy & you can't see Chauntelle, but she is there on the other side.

Garron!! He's 2 months younger than me. Tee-he!

Sherri! She was looking cute, and I snagged her setlist. :)


Christie singing:

Brightly Wound:

Marvelous Things:

Telescope Eyes ♥:

You might want to turn your volume down. They're a bit loud. :)

Hunter Burgan of TranquilMammoth.blogspot.com fame and AFI fame made a VYou account. VYou is a site where you answer people's questions through a video chat! I asked two and since he's pretty popular, I didn't even think I'd have him answer but he did!!! Screeeeenshot time!

Yep! I asked "How is Tegan?"

Also, I went lightwriting with this lovely fellow:

Tori! I can't wait to see his pictures! We did a lot of them. :) This is where he blogs.
Here & Here. Check him out and follow him. He is such a sweetie pie. Also so tall!

I'm jealous of a boy's height.

Whew! That's all I have for now! 2 or 3 day post! So worth it! Goodnight!


#19: I'm pretty healthy for the time being. But I always imagine that I'm on the brink of death.


Seo said...

You write my favorite blog. :) <3

Rachel! said...

Thank you so much!! ♥ ♥

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