Are You Ready For This? Because...I'm Not.

HEY! ^___^
What can I say? It's been too long and I have a super duper big post for you guys just for that! Updates galore!









1. I bought super cute lipgloss from Forever 21! So cheap! I don't even...it's so nice. And I was asking the cashier why it's so cute/cheap, and we laughed about it. Ah, good stuff.

2. You know? The black guy from the Old Spice commercials? That is funny but is actually attractive? I saw an Old Spice ad in Wal-Mart a long time ago! I totally forgot to put it on here. There was a cardboard cut-out and a screen playing an ad. Classy. This. So funny!

3. The most random thing that happened at my job. Okay, the custodian is Mexican. She is. No doubt. She brings in bunny-shaped bread to everyone, and I mean EVERYONE. See those red shaped circles? I thought they smelled like strawberries so I'm thinking the bread is filled with strawberry or tasted like that...no. It's just plain bunny bread. Ultimate hypedown. It was still pretty good. I think you're supposed to dip it in jam or something.

4. I had this win seafood gumbo at this cafeteria style restuarant in the neighboring town. So good. I ate every bit and I was sick that day. I went back this week to eat...closed down for repairs. MAAAAAN. T____T

5. I was Dorothy for Halloween. I didn't take any full figure photos because I can't hold a camera that well and my mom couldn't either. But I have my face! And my wig with ponytails me and my mom separated! :O The night before Halloween, I had nothing to do, so me and my friend went to a local show. It turned out great! The band, Earhart was there..well, 2 members and they played my fave song "June, July, August"! Tell you what. Just as good acoustically. I was happy to see them, and then the place where the show was thrown. Okay, think...haunted creepy house that is still under construction. Tall windows, pine trees in the front yard, tall scary wooden doors and doorways, and in the middle of nowhere. Literally. We got lost 3 times. My friend was Bella. Could not tell. Overall a good night. Also! My lovely friend Kim, wants to feature me on her blog!

My hair has gotten so short. I couldn't go on having the parted on the side look, because it made me look like I was 13. Okay? Sooo, I turned it into a faux-hawk. I thought it was a good idea at the time, and I look my age. FINALLY. My friends love it. :) They think I pull it off. On Thursday though, I was wearing a flannel shirt with it. Almost a lesbian. Just kidding, but I was totally thinking that. My friend reassured me I looked straight. :D My hair is sooo short. Man. But, I'm okay with the fact that I will never have hair like this:

Or this:

This too:

Right? Right. I paid off my car! It gives me another reason to save money! ^___^ I'm transferring to a college in spring. I am so happy to be leaving. B-County is just...a letdown. I mean, it's so...boring here. I'm ready to get out of here. I mean, I can't go on. I feel old and way behind. I need a get away. No jokes, pure serious. Especially all the colleges I'm applying to. There are a lot of Texas schools and a good number don't have a nursing program. I was shocked! o_o North Texas? Really? Yes. Yes, they do not have a program. Sam Houston as well. Surprising. Guess who appeared on Conan and did such a funny little interview? ♥

O, how I love thee, Michael Cera. We are a year apart in age. There is a way for us to be together. He is a great actor, funny, and so cuuute.^///^ I don't care if you're Canadian. I just can't help it. There's many posts after this. Gotta catch up!


#11: I have a fever blister. It's so gross.

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