Annnd I Am Back.

Smokin' in the boys' room! Computing in the library!
Hey guys, it's been a while! A lot has gone done in my life like school being very demanding. More than BC, I believe. Right now, at this very moment, I'm at the public library using their wi-fi. As their sign says: "Our wi-fi hotspot." Yep. Getting used to San Angelo. I mean, it's not hectic here so I'm pretty happy most of the time. Last weekend me and some friends went to Austin to the big two story mall there. It was really fun and then we went to UT and got lost a lot. My friend's bf was mad. I can see why. Very hectic, so I drove home and I was really really
really tired. What happened to my music challenge?! I'm so ridiculous. I have homework due and errthang. So, I was trying to post on here through my cell phone. Did not work. ~shrug~ I gotta do it the right way. ;) I saw the cutest guy in the Lego store on Saturday, I so wanted to talk to him but I'm sure he gets compliments all the time. He seriously was super handsome. Then, last night I had a dream and the song, "Under The Bridge" by the Red Hot Chili Peppers were playing on my sister's stereo in my dream. I woke up and had to listen to it. So, picture me [naked. Just kidding!] in my bed jamming some RHCP in the morn! Loving it. New ideas in the works, and I need to see someone about my Internet at my dorm. Horrible. Practiced Rivers today at the park and did my finger drills. I so need to get better at finger plucking. Serious. bye bye, friend!


#34: Boyfriend? Mine? Any guy? No? Okay. :[


Seo said...

Love youuuu~! Posties, please!

James said...

Ooh guh. Glad you're writing! Love me some of your blog. "Errthang." Does not go.

James said...

Whoops. This is Janae. Somehow signed into Andrew's Goog.

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