Maybe, Maybe Not.

Whenever I see other people blogging it makes me want to hug my blog. I'm so so happy to see my friends writing and sharing their thoughts. So good. Today was a lazy day, which I can't get enough of. me and some friends went to the lake house. Yeah, ASU has a legit lake house that is actually pretty. The water was relaxing and the sun was just the right amount of brightness. We drove around awhile and talked. S-a-t-u-r-d-a-y. My bite is healing. Yay! I hope CDs never leave us. There are some with beautiful artwork and to give that all up for a .flac or .lossless file. No, I am not joining that club. Church in t-minus 5 hours.

Come at me.


#37: For once, I feel like I can be ok liking boys and them liking me back.

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