A Deep Breath, Because We've Just Started.

Yes, I am making a new entry the next day I did the other one.

One announcement:


I feel so grateful to all the people who have read and commented and just made me feel like this was a good good good idea. And a special thanks to my rad friend, Kimaroo, for helping me make this. Seriously, without her consistent nagging[jking, with chu, Kim!], I would not have done this. Well, not so soon. Maybe started....this year? I dunno. It wouldn't be here. In the now. So, thank you. I totally had to look to see if it really was my one year anny. Would be embarrassing if it wasn't. All happy and excited. :D So, when I dream, I'm very active. I talk and move around. My mom actually caught me singing and laughing at home. Last night was different. I was being chased by black silhouettes that were Frenchmen. I was in the passenger seat and I was rolling up my window and thier hands tried to slink through the closing crack of my window. I tried pushing it out with my hands, but it was slipping through my fingers. I got anxious and I think I either tried again or bit them. They recoiled...I didn't. I bit my hand and broke through the skin.

I. Bit. My. Own. Hand. And. Broke. The. Skin.
So unbelievable; I woke up with a jerk and looked at the damage. Okay, I was more surprised that I actually hurt myself in a dream and it was real than the bite. Wow. It's still sore and it's a small pucker of skin. Healing, though. I'm so bad. I went back to sleep with my hands way out of reach. Real talk. I didn't think my dreams could be dangerous. I know sometimes I have very realistic dreams that feel like it actually happen. But this...nooooo. School = school. I = I.
That songs like a good song title; "I = I, But What Are You?"



#36: Trying to keep up, but so so far behind.

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Seo said...

i=i just reminds me of imaginary numbers. XD

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