Holding Out For The Big Connection.


I missed that. ^
In the computer lab, and there are these two guys who are on the computers in front of me. They are d-bags at best. Wow, it's amazing how people are so senseless. My prayer life feels like it's increasing. I'm so excited. I'm ready for what's next. I really miss my iPod. I sent it off to get fixed and it's been almost three weeks. I took it for granted. Now, I just want it back...fixed. DX

MCS; the lab I'm in...open 24/7. I. Have. Wasted. So. Much. Energy. It's a minute from my dorm. Well, now I know where to go. Printed out my lab so I can sleep in beforehand. Ha! Tomorrow[today] is my math exam.


#42: I dare you.

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