Sinto-me cansado, como se eu não posso ir.

I feel like I just can't do it today. My brain is gong 100 mph, but my body is going....5? I just want to curl up and sleep for a long, long, long time. I hate this feeling. I had lab, and all I did was just sit there and stare at my assignment. All of my lab partners were gone so I joined another group. Three guys and me. Nothing got done. =/ Ughhh, and another class is up. This is not my space of venting, I just want to write something about it. I have a small crush. I'm scared of it, though. A lot of things come into consideration, because I actually want this to work. Maybe I should Google how to talk to guys in that way. I am 14. Bye guys.


#39: Friends sing together, la-la-la-la!


Seo said...

Tell me about him. D:

Seo said...


I miss you. D: Want to talk on the phone tomorrow?

Hot mess in ATX said...

Um, excuse me miss, but are you trying to speak portuguese? I'm sorry but that's not gonna work. Thank youuuu.

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