The Great Falling Away.

He-he-heyyy guys! :)

2 posts back to back! Wow! So, today was lazy. Woke up at 3 pm and got immediately on the computer. Duuude, yes. I still need to study for my phys exam Monday. =/ Ha! I tagged 'music challenge' last night and did not do it. Fail. Tonight I will, for sure. I totally thought I'd see famous people in Austin last week, because I watched a video of Jack White's new label and he just showed up in Austin and played in a parking lot. I wish I was there! It's so expensive. D': Maybe if I save up the entire year and in 2012, I can go. Probs.




A: I got new shoes! They are cute yellow sandal types. I thought they were tres cute. :3 Target 20 bucks!! I wore them with my fushia tights downtown. I got a compliment. The lady was nice.

B: My lovely, crazy, friend bought me this when she visited San Antonio! It's a Dia de los Muertos figurine. A diva with a glittery dress. She immediately thought of me when she saw that. Also, her husband saw a dead band in a case and thought of me. :) So sweet of them! I've been to San Antonio just once and once driving through it. She tells me it's beautiful.

C: a mucky picture of Austin downtown. There was so much going on! There was a live band with a tuba and baritone doing it up in the middle of the street! Also, a rap video was being filmed? Yeah, I actually was in front of them unawares. Crazy. Music everywhere and it made me want Austin more. If that's possible. ;D

Ok, music challenge, sucka.

Day 5. A song that reminds you of someone.

This could be any song. I have a lot of memories tied to songs. Why does this always have to be hard!?!? Jk. "Surf Wax America" by Weezer. I first met my friend from San Angelo, we sung Weezer one Sunday afternoon. That was when I crowned her the coolest Apostolic woman I've ever met.

I loved this song/album way before I met her but this just affirms it. Ahhh, memories.



#45: Something haunts my dreams, don't know what it means.

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