Tweet, Twirp.

I got my hood up and I'm ready for anything.

I just finished a portion of my Phys quiz. Well, actually it was homework, but that looks pretty rad. Browsing as usual on this late night. I've had a busy short week. I can't believe it's Friday. Crazy. Crayzee. It's weird, but what I don't like about the computer lab at night is it scares me! I don't know what that's about. I'm mad; Avril is such a SELLOUTZ! Just kidding, she never sold in. Uhm, her new song is out and I'm var disappoint. Kinda sounds like everything else out? "LUK @ AT meIZ, i'M GONNA parteee untiL i kant NEmorezxzzz!!!!1111!!"

Go away party music.

Save it for...let's say, parties? Hmm!

Spring Break has arrived and I couldn't be more happier! So excite!!! Austin today. San Angelo tomorrow. I'm in the quiet room and there was one other guy here. We were both giggling. It was perty adorable, except he gasped with laughter. Hmmm, no sir.


#43: So be...very kind. Don't let the world fall on your shoulders.

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