I'm A Half Life.

So, I washed clothes tonight. This morning, what have you. Saw one of my friends I made here. I actually was praying for him. We always seem to miss each other. I'm glad we got to talk. This week is going to rock because it's the week before SB! Get pumped! Get excited! So, as I was doing clothes, I met this guy named Ryan. He's very laid back Korean boy. By boy I mean 18. Freshman, but that's ok. He was nice. Shooted the breeze? Kicked the can? Whatever the colloquialism is for talking. It was cool; I like those occasions where there isn't a forced environment but it's natural and people don't have to be extra uninterested. I know I'll be here more. :) Count on that.

i just want back into your head.

#41: I'm really getting old. Old and over you.

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