I Can't Seem To Make It On My Own.

Hey guys. Woah, hey. :)

So, spectacular day. Sunday. Yes. Not only was church so good and Christian-y, but my friend. His testimony is so radical. He was a Satanist for 9 years and now he's completely turned his life around and is a serving the one mighty God!!! Ack!!! It made me to excited and pumped about what God is so capable of! I know my car will be okay. We prayed about it in church and I know God is able! Can you tell I'm concerned about it? So am. Anyways, so happy for my friend. He is going to learn so much and I know that if he is faithful to God, God will be faithful to him. I totally am excited and everything! Like I was there! Hahaha! No ma'am! Moving on, Monday is looming. Not. Looking. Forward. God is with. Oh, and I got to talk to another girl who is struggling in church and hopefully I was able to lift her up. She so needs it. I know that it can get hard sometimes; the path get rocky but hold on. Hold on, hold on. It's so worth it. Right now, I'm feeling so good but when the going gets tough, I know to lean on Him. It helps so much.

It solves pretty much anything.

♥ + faith,

#51: You taste like you're already gone.

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