There's No Surf In Colorado, Anyway.

I got some of my stuff today! Yay! :)

1. Fences EP. 2 entries back, I had said that I really got into his [Chris Manfield's] music. A lot. It's really pretty. So, I finally got his CD. Straight onto iTunes! I can't wait to listen to that. I feel like I need some studio headphones to really listen to all the different instruments on it. Not like it's ridiculously layered, but you know. I'm excited.

2. I bought an adapter for my sd card!! Too long! It was a penny on Amazon!

3. The newest volume of Black Bird! I've been wanting to continue!! The seller was very patient with me. My first copy got lost in the mail and he sent me another one. So niceeee. ♥ I am grateful he did. Lovin' this book right now.

Today was a good day to quote Ice Cube. I slept some. In about 5 hours, I am going to eat breakfast with a lady from my church here. :)

Here's a Fences vid.



#49: It's going, it's going, I'm gone.

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