Rolling In The Heap.

"Whatever makes you happy." - Creep by Radiohead.

Hey guys! So, eventful weekend. Thursday, Annie broke down and she's still not in repair. By Monday, I should know what is wrong with her. Miss her already.

I went to walk here tonight. I just felt like walking around the campus. It's calm at night and I'm not scared anymore. :)

Now, since I'm
so materialistic, a wish list!

Can you tell I want some brogues? :D

This is a very very beautiful dress. It's sold out [of course.], but I still really think it's gorgeous. I don't even know where I would wear that.

I love this dress for some reason. I waiting for it to go on sale so I can snatch it up. My size better be there! It looks like it would be soft and simple to pair up with accessories. YES!

I vant your skuuulls. Kind of young for me, but I ain't even mad. I like it anyway.

Heck yes, there it is. And here is a great Jimmy Eat World song:


#50: I want to fall in love tonight.


Seo said...

I think the skull cardigan is chic. :)
Where is the pea coat from?

Rachel! said...

Thank you! ♥

The peacoat is from YoursClothing.co.uk.

James said...

"I ain't even mad."

Loving that JEW. Wow. Acronym, guys. Check it before naming. Used to sleep with that cd on repeat. 9th grade. Not lying. How did I even handle that? Young brain, good tunes.

Janae said...

Whoops! This is Janae, not James (Andrew)

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