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Hey there! :)

So, I've been really into this guy:

It's really getting old, kid.

He has a very good sound to him and his lyrics are very dark. I like it, I like it. It's been a nice weekend, and Monday was rough. Well, not really. Just phys class tonight. -sigh- Y'know, college. Browsing through some fashion plus-size blogs like a boss tonight. Lovin' it. I was talking with my friend about face care, and I'm going to post what I use on my skin. I get compliments on my face, but I don't know what they're seeing! Got a whitehead. Disgusting, but I'm taking care of that.


Moisterizer, because I have dry skin. In the winter, it gets bad, but this stuff is cheap (3 dollars at Wal-Mart), and works really good!


This mask really gets dirt out of your pores. I can't say I use it everyday but occasionally.


Dove or whatever body wash I'm using at the moment. Dove is gentle on your body in general, so if you break out from b-washes a lot, I recommend getting this kind. Plus it smells really nice! :)


Water. H2O. Just using water on your face helps. You should use more than that, but water does feel good. :3

I've been feeling like this lately:

Life is so encompassing and ridiculous. I can not keep up or find a steady pace. I hate it. :( But you know what? God is bigger than this tree metaphor and bigger than my life. He holds it all, and I am so happy that He does. It just feels like too much for me, but I have to keep pressing on. Towards my goal. Towards life. Look at the guy in the picture derping. Ha-haaa!

Last week, I finally got my iPod back from the company who was supposed to fix it. 2 months they had it. Mad. And about 2 days after I got it back, it was broken again. M-A-D!!! How dare they charge me 45 dollars and keep my iPod forever and not fix it! Complained and called. No. Body. Answered. -big sigh- Tonight, I tried fixing it and ending up making the screen bleed. Now I have two black spots on it, a broken headphone jack, and out of 45 dollars. ARRRRRRGHHHH! People these days! No respect.

^ That. Anyway, searching for an affordable iPod. Used, baby!
blink is coming out with a new album as well. Just...!!! YES! YESSSS!
In line for that; it's been too long. 7 years in fact. I was in 9th grade when they came out with an album that wasn't a greatest hits. :D :D :D

bye, dear.


#47: After all, it's just me, the king, and the beast.

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