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So, this entry was never posted. Fail. .___.

I went down last weekend, and I have to say...I enjoyed every bit of it! As you can tell by the older post, I have a lot to explain. Last month, my friend told me that Michael Cera was going to be at the Annual KTHRU Festival at Rice University.

Michael Cera.




I could not pass that up, no way no how. I just...no. He is my ultimate crush, favorite actor, and everything that I think is cute. I had my friend come with me because she was almost as pumped about it as I was. Was not going to leave her out of this! EEEE! Just thinking about it makes me giddy. :333 It was on Saturday, so after driving 3.5 hours I drove some more. The things girls do for love, right? No, no. We go up to Houston, meet up with everyone at this coffee place called Brasil. Very nice. It was just good to see everyone and stuff; I missed them. Really, and it felt to good to see their faces and laugh uncontrollably again. Did I mention that the festival was free?! Yeah, Michael for free; doesn't get better than that. We drive over to Rice and park. I've never been to the university before; it's really big and pretty. Kind of hidden away from everything. Also, each house/dorm has its own mascot. Hogwarts. That's what it is. I would love to go there, but that school has a reputation for accepting mostly out of staters and international students. I like ASU, too. I am happy here. So, this is a legit festival. A stage outside on the lawn and one inside of the building. I've never been to one, so I was pretty stoked! :D I brought a towel, water, and sunnies. Ready for anything. 2 of the bands I actually liked. One of them, The Ton Tons were really good. They are from Houston, and they sound like soulful rock. Check them outskis. :) I bought their EP.

Rad. You know that where there is a festival; there are hippies. Hula-hooping hippies. Maaaan, and other questionable substances. But, I ain't even mad; was not there for that.

After I saw The Ton Tons play, my friend saw Michael go up the stairs! We were all freaking out and waited for him to come down. Never. Did. It was crazy seeing him in real life. That's anyone who I admire. I mean, he is so awesome and to see him, and be in the same room as him. AHHHH! :D After that brief glimpse, we didn't see him until he walked across the room to go outside and see some bands. I spotted him outside and I froze. My friend was so brave; she walked straight up to him and asked for an autograph. I followed her, I was thinking, "I'm not going to sit by and let this opportunity pass. I have to talk to him!" So, we both approached him and he is so nice in real life. :) I said hello, and he said hello. I told him his coat was regal and he said he had just got back from Toronto. [Where he's from.] I can not tell you how happy I was meeting him. One of my dreams is to meet him. Oh man, so a crowd was gathering so he went back upstairs. :( My group enjoyed the rest of the fest. The reason Michael was at the fest was because he was playing bass for Mister Heavenly. So, I watched their performance later that day, and they are really good. Garage rock at its finest. I totally like it, and Michael playing bass was just an extra incentive. ;) Tell you what, he is a way better bassist than me. I need practice. T___T He revealed that to me. After they finished their set, people started rushing the stage to get a picture with Michael. Including moi. He hid underneath because he could not make a getaway. My friend got to go underneath and hugged him. HUGGED HIM.


He remember her from earlier; he didn't give an autograph or picture; but still. I want a hug. D: This girl got him to sign her poster because she cried. Lame. I wouldn't go that far to do that. That's over the top. So, we immediately left after that, got lost in Rice for almost an hour. We basically made a big circle and came back to the concert. Hahaha, fail. We finally made it to my Anna Banana, and were so relieved. I have concert blisters on my feet. Ugh. So worth it, would never trade this for the world. I am still in shock that I even met him.

Now for the pics and clips of the shows!

The lead singer of Mister Heavenly. Cute & talented.

The keyboardist for Mister Heavenly.


The drummer from Mister Heavenly.

The lead singer of The Tons Tons. She was nice. :)

Concentrating? Hmm.

Hyyybrid Moments. Their closer. I couldn't have chosen a better one! ♥

This song was cute. They dedicated it to Buddy Holly. ♥

I had the best time, and it's all thanks to my friend telling me. If she had not, I would have never came down and experienced the joy of my life. I won't get over this for a looooong time. Wow. :)

This is what I want as a constant staple in my wardrobe:


and this

all day. All summer.


#48: You see right through me.

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