Like the veil has lifted.

Hello, everyone.

I'm not quite sure if this counts as entertainment, but I just wanted to share how my fast is going with everyone! It's amaaaazing! I feel so good in my spirit, and I know God has so much more for me! HXC vegan! What! Yes, and I have blessing already! So, I lost my wallet with all of my cards [debit, school] in it. On Saturday. I was devastated!! So, we started fasting on Sunday and I just went head on. I really want to be dedicated to this and hear from God. I really want to and just receive all that he has for me. I also cut out texting, Facebook, and pleasure reading just because I don't want hindrance. By the way, I found my wallet all in tact!!! I am so so thankful! Really & truly. I'll never stop praying and believing. It's going to happen for my church. Revival. I know it will for myself as well. I'm so excited and pumped!

It's approaching.



M├Ągi said...

Holy cow! This is incredible!

So many changes. God's in control. Glad you got your wallet.

Keep us posted. It's really encouraging to hear. Say a prayer for me, if I come to mind. I could use it, right now.

Rachel Long said...

I know! I can't wait to see what God is going to do for my church. Outside of what He has already done! I def will be praying for you, Magi-may! I hope your semester is going good! <3

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