Lost, Lost, & Found.

You found me.

I am so blessed beyond compare.

I think I am getting stronger and I can't wait to hear His voice. So, this week is going really well, and I'm so happy to be where I'm at.

Sometimes, do you feel like dropping everything and falling? It's a heady feeling. Very different. Anyway, I pray everyone is having a radical week.

There is so much music in the world. I'm missing Copeland. I've been making Christian CDs and really committing myself to listening.
Really listening to the lyrics and what they are saying.

I seriously miss Copeland, but you know what? I want to give it to God. Give my frustrations, my  doubts, and confusion to Him. He takes care of me. All of this time. 

 I was reading M├Ągi's blog. She is so inspirational! I hope she is glancing at this, because I think that she is more influential than she realizes. 

My last.fm is blowing up. No idea why! I can't even check it. Fail.


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