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Hey guys, hey!

I can't believe it, but this is the last week of the fast. Each service has been really intense and I think we're about to blow the lid off the joint. My pastor is going to go str8 water the last three days and I am seriously thinking of doing that. I pray that Jesus reveals himself to me. When my mom was not in church, or right before it, she got into a serious car accident and was in bed for three or so weeks. She read the Bible a lot and prayed, too. She said that the Lord visited her in her room every night. I want that so bad. I know if I keep seeking Him, it will come but I just want to see His face. I get blurry-eyed just thinking about His magnificence in my room and how He is with me everyday in every way. I just want Jesus to visit me, too. I also want to know my purpose. I've been prophesied on more than once and I can't wait for that to come to pass. All I do is play bass at church. I know that all throughout this whole fasting that I want to be more in tune with God. I've been reading all the classic Bible stories and catching up on Jesus' life while fasting, and it touched my heart. Moses saw the Lord in a burning bush, and his rod became a snake! A. Snake. Crayzee! By reading the Old Testament, I've caught little things that my Sunday School teachers skipped over. I'm reading the Bible through adult eyes and let me tell you...woah!  I'm going to keep you lovely people up to date on what's going on, and everything. I feel like this fast was just the thing for me. Also, I've been discovering a lot of new Christian music. I really really like my Christian music to be well written. This band that this rad lady told me about:


Seriously go check them out. Believer or not. They are really great. Musically and spiritually. Also, this morning/afternoon I listened to this guy:

Christian. Song! Goldfrapp totes took his rhythm for her song. I was trying to see if "Hallelujah" by Leonard Cohen was Christian, but it's ultimately not. Lot of suggestions to Christianity, but no dice. Yesterday, I talked with my friend in Georgia and he said that superheroes like Capt. America and Batman were more realistic than Jesus. People could relate to them more than the Bible or some God. Background info: he's a Baptist because his family is and he's not going to church anymore if at all. I told him that Jesus died for us. You can't get any realistic than that and also Capt. America is a thought someone made up. He's not even real and you can pray to the Lord and find peace and joy and happiness. He just really disappointed me with that statement. I'm praying that he wakes up and really gets a hold of the Lord. Superheroes < God. Every. Time! He didn't really get it, though. It's scary how something can become an idol. We all have to be careful. This week is just starting and this morning I fought against my body. I got up and prayed. It was a small prayer, but tomorrow it will be bigger. I my spirit to grow and mature in God. I just want to see a change in myself. :) Until the next time!

"They could not keep You in their walls, we cannot keep You in ours either. For You are so much greater."


PS: Working on that background picture. ;D 

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That is what I like to SEE!

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