I Love You & That's What I'm Getting Myself Into.


Amidst all the spiritual stuff, today I went to a thrift store and found a wonderful, polk-dotted gem of a shirt! So. Excited!! It's loose on me, and I really like how it feels. It kind of looks like this: 

That's my blouse except it doesn't have soft pleats or a Peter Pan collar [although, I am in the process of diying one.] I love it! I never find anything in thrift stores, because I am picky and I'm big, etc. This was amazing!! And amazingly cheap! 3.25? I saw a flowy navy polka-dotted shirt in Avenue and it was 40 bucks? I seriously can't afford clothes right off the rack. It's just too expensive...for me anyway. I see bloggers thrifting but then they buy designed stuff. Insanely expensive. I know that it's well made, but can't there be a middle ground? Can there be well made product that is affordable? Backing up my iTouch right now in Hastings, and it said 'approx an hour' and they close in 40 minutes. Ugh!

Today was a good day. We've been having prayer service every night at church for an hour and I've been going to every one. It just uplifts me to see people making that sacrifice. It's really heart breakingly beautiful. I know I belong here. I was questioning it earlier in 2011 if I was supposed to be in San Angelo. I know it know it now. :) & that makes me happy. I'm still working on this template! I guess while my iTouch reboots itself I can choose one. 

♥ you more.

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Sarah Elizabeth said...

AHH! I like your layout! It's cute. No more black. Good jorb. ;) I kinda wanna change mine up too.

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