I'm Near Throwing In The Towel.


I feel horrible today.

Le crap. Crrrrap. I have school and work today and then church.
Even though I am not feeling well, I'm blessed.
I am so happy that it's pay week. :) I had a meeting with my French teacher and she is impressed at how well I'm doing and everyone in class. Je suis dou Brazoria, Texas. I miss music that's not Christian. Can I say that? Just did. I was skipping through a CD I made for my car and I heard Buddy Holly and my face literally looked like this: D:


Buddy! Miss you. After a while, contemporary Christian stuff blurs together. One big live blob. MY question is how does so many people know the songs? Especially on a new CD. Every word. Really? Weird. I mean, I guess they sung it at church and all of those people have heard it before.


One song that I really enjoy is "Crows & Locusts" by Brooke Fraser. Now that song is very powerful and ethereal. Very beautiful. Also, "From  The Inside Out" by Hillsong United. Moving. Love it. So, this is left field but this girl. This. Girl. She is so sweet and she is the youngest sister of the girls and guy of Eisley. She has a band with her younger brother called Merriment. You should definitely check them out if you're into twee-pop and indie music. Her last entry on her blog was about how she and her boyfriend, Reed got together. Such a cute story! Read that when you can. He is one of a kind. I can't think of one guy I know off the top of my head who would do what he did. It wasn't even a grand gesture, it was just...different. I think that guys like that are so rare. Plus he is hot. I like how clean cut he is. The last Eisley show I went to, his old band was opening and I kept looking at him on the drums! Telling my sister that he was hot! My goodness. ;) Anyway, check their music out. Eisley and all of the side bands recently did a Christmas album! And it's a free download! Heck yes!
Free music is always a good thing. Their family seems so happy. I am happy because they are happy, hahaha.
So, I didn't get to post this, but I've lost more weight! I think 8 more lbs! HOORAH!! :D Excited about that!! Now, I don't feel lighter or anything, but I finally bought a scale to see for sure. 
8 more lbs. Insane. My sister and I are doing a sibling challenge. I was talking with her last night and she said I was going to beat because she has been eating like a pig. Hahaha, I don't know about that, but I'm excited to see where I end up. That's for sure. 

"It takes more than luck to find a love like that."


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