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Well, hello

2 posts in one month! That's surprising. No. So, my boss has been out of the office and it's weird. I mean he gives me some alone time to get used to the office and the way everything works, but...

I need help. I've only been working there for 3 weeks and I still need someone to hold my hand. I feel like I am last on his priorities. For example, I needed a work schedule that correlates to my school schedule. I gave him my school sched on the first interview. He never made a schedule, I had to make one myself. He said it was alright for the week. Just...not trying to be a brat, but I don't want to be last. I just need him to prioritize. And realize some things.

I hope you're well. :) 

So, great great news. I am interning for the radio at school and I started today. It's so wonderful to dj. To talk about music all night. Dream job! I also am going to be submitting broadcasts to NPR! It's stationed in Lubbock and weekly, my teacher will be submitting DVDs of me on the radio and also interviews. So! If you want, you totally tune in here. You just need a media player like iTunes or Windows Media. :) I would love to hear from you! I will be taking music requests and also just saying hello to you lovely people. So drop in and say hello! We are an online radio station so anyone anywhere can listen. I leaned toward this type of radio station because it gives you more freedom and a broader audience. I know a guy who is djing at  one of the local stations and he is forced to play what's top 40. I don't even listen to current pop music that much, so that would be a big bummer. I am also going to be interviewing local artists in SA and in Texas to just get their names out. I want to interview and ask this band to perform live or on Skype. They are so rad and really talented. :D My dj name is DJ Radical Rachel and you can like me on Facebook! I have a page where I will be updating with some music news, and more cool things. Page name = my dj name. 

I thank God for showing me that happiness comes when you need it most. I feel so blessed and honored to be in the place I am right now. I never would have thought that I would be here. Clutching my dreams so tightly. Doing what I love. I love this! 

There's something in the water.

So, my church is starting the Daniel's Fast again. It started today and I have been doing my best but there is red tape for me.

So, I am a non-Christian DJ and I start today. Such a fail because I need to arrange playlists and things like that. I will be with everyone else in spirit! I am looking forward to the next 3 weeks. I mean, I want to hear from God. I need Him in my life and I will do what it takes to get to that place where I am surrounded by His light. Last night, I...I don't know how to put into words what happened. I went to a deeper place with God. A girl from one of the sister churches came up to me at the end of service and asked one simple question: "Will you pray with me?"
So we got on our knees. Side by side. I started and I felt so heavy. My heart was so full. I just started crying out. Like a child. Crying. Grasping for the Lord. I prayed for the girl and she almost received the Holy Ghost which is so awesome. Totally needed that! So did the girl. There is a desperation in my spirit. I am tired of doing the norm. Day after day.

I want to be on fire for God.

I know I said that last year, but it feels closer. There is an urgency in this hour. 2013. 
Here we are! :D

Let's see. Things are going to change for me personally. I want to stop being that girl.
"That" girl. No more. I'm not just a fat chick. I can't change people but I can change myself. And my mindset.

You make beautiful things. You make beautiful things out of the dust. 

I'm taking French! And it's intensive so I go to class today. Okay, today I met my teacher. She is intense but I expected that because when I talked to her in her office she was so into it. Soooo much so. Level 10. 
I'm ready. I need to get this done and over with. 


I only have one year left of school. Then Austin. Then...my future. I can't believe I've been in this town for two years. It feels it but it doesn't. I think it's time. I will miss my church so much. So so much, but I can always visit. Teehehe!

This year is going to fly by just like the others! Eeek. I have some more things to add to my bucket list. More later! :)


PS: GO AND LIKE MY FB PAGE!!! DJ RADICAL RACHEL! :) Follow me on Twitter, too! @oneradkid.

All over. I post playlists on each and ask for song requests and tell you when I will be broadcasting!
Also, here is the link again for actually listening to the radio. 

PPS: It's so cold outside!! How do you do it, Magi??

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