Let Me Be Free!

"I love you, but I shouldn't have married you."

What's going on, guys? Another week gone and it's almost Feb. Crazy. I hope your week was splendid. Mine was good I guess. :) You know what's annoying? My computer screen. It bled right where I type. I can never fully see what I'm typing until the very end. Church was good tonight. One of the younger guys preached and he said something that really caught my attention. "All of your worries, stresses, and everything out there should not come in here. THIS place is a place of worship."

It's so true. 

I mean, I was really concerned about my job, because of this and that. Normal thoughts, I guess. I just want to be the best I can be and be productive. No wasted time...if I can help it. 
Tonight wasn't the right time or place for that. I want to give it all to the Lord. He is the one who takes care of me. Really and truly. All I'm doing is making myself sick.
I want to worry less this year. My mom says worrying ties God's hands. I don't want to do that. I want Him to bless me and know that I have trust and faith. That these petty events in life don't really matter. You have someone who sticks closer than a brother. I'm ready to intern! I hope my teacher emails me back soon! Let's get this show on the road. I seriously can't wait to start DJing for real. Making a lot of 'I' statements right now. Not trying to, but you know...

So, I want to make a 2013 bucket list. A lot of the things I wrote last year and the year before still counts but I want to add more substantial things. I'm older and my bucket list is too.

a. fall in love with the right person
b. travel. anywhere. take that opportunity. 
c. take a hot air balloon ride
d. perform somewhere.
e. spend a week doing something kind for someone else
f. go to more concerts
g. worry less about the small things.

h. get to know an acquaintance better. 
i. appreciate my loved ones more. 
j. stop and smell the flowers 

Just a few things I want to do this year. That love one always will be the same. I still want that badly. I don't want to be a cat lady or a spinster. I want a love that transcends time. A lover that sees me as I am and wants the best for me. Spiritually and literally. Heh hehhhh heh! Yeah~!
Getting it. No jk, I just spent 15 minutes looking up people who look like the guy I have a semi-crush on. I actually had poetry class with him and I doubt I will see him again.

C'est la vie. In French class! It's intensive and I have every day. I love it, though. This is how French should be taught! It was such a joke in high school. All languages were. High school doesn't prepare you for anything. not my small school, anyone. Maybe if you went to a rich prep school in New York or something. Other than that, you are pushed into the pool of sharks. Fending for yourself. So, I am doing a radio internship, and I have a fb page! I hope you guys can go like it! I post stuff on there and I will be updating when I will be on air. Soon so keep a look out! :D Also, do you have 8tracks? I do! dj_rad. Follow me!! :) I am going to uploading a new playlist soonskis. Watch for that, too! If you have requests/questions, you can comment here or on my fb page.

Drop me a line!

I think that's it for now. Oh, I was thinking about how I come across to people and at times people can't read me. I feel like I am selective about facets of my personality. Like being vulnerable; sometimes I choose who I want to let see my real self/feelings. It's not that I am afraid to let people in, it's that some people shouldn't be in. That's it for now!

I want to do this so bad. 




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