I Tend To Give A Care.

Hello everyone. It's a new year. A time to celebrate. I'm sorry I've been so distant and far away. I mean, life has really kicked this butt. Right here. Mine. Don't you love all of my fragments? ;)

Anyway, I have a job now! Thank you, Lord. I think as a whole I was just waiting it out. So many apps submitted and not one call back or email. Nothing, and I even asked a lady who works at a business that helps find you jobs and she said my last one is entry level. Employers don't care if you get fired from that. So I basically worked at Mickey D's for 6 months.


Ooh, once you start getting into writing, you can't stop until those thoughts are down. I feel like I'm emotionally ralphing on all of my readers right now. I don't mean to, but I want to be very honest. This is "Bare Bones". I am a personal/office assistant. First, I want to give props to the poeple who are PA's for years and years. It's HARD...not to slap the person who is your boss. Mine is eccentric. Business owner. Old but thinks he is waay younger. He isn't a hard person to get a long with but I think I need more time to get to know him.
We will see. I worked 105 hours in two weeks and I felt it before I left. I did.
I left after that to go to Atlanta! Passion Conference! My friend talked me into it. I wasn't going to go, but I'm so glad I did. I really am. From my hometown, it's 12 hrs straight there. 2 other girls went with us. One was my sister's friend/high school bandmate who was living back at home.
To me, Atl reminds me of a a grandma's house. Like, I'm going through the woods to grandma's house and eating home cooked dinner and sugar cookies. Or some other...decadent dessert. There are nice tall, skinny trees all around and you can tell it was winter. It looked like fall in a magazine or something. I still have my wristband on from the conference. Heh hehhhehe heh.
So, it was in the Georgia Dome which was a maze. A MAZE I tell you. 60 thousand people in there. Three days full of worship and speaking. I think my favorite speaker was Francis Chan because he stuck to his guns. I really felt like I got something out of what he was talking about. He also seems to be going deeper in his relationship with the Lord. I want that. One of my desires for my spiritual walk to go deeper and more in depth. I want the Lord to direct my path 100 percent. All Him. I still need to read Crazy Love. Not enough hours in the day. Louie Giglio and his wife pastor Passion Church in Atl, and they started this whole conference and he preached on the last day about the will of God which I needed to hear. There are so many people who just want to go out and make a name for themselves in the Christian community and it's the wrong spirit behind it. It's not led by God and it sucks. Literally. Get it together, kids. So, that was wonderful. We just went to the main sessions but there were small group sessions where you meet people and you get to talk about each service and stuff. We went to one, and then we couldn't go back because of time conflicts. I think that if we stayed at a closer motel, it would be possible but it was too much. The conference was all day. 9am-10:30pm. Just...crazy. Besides Francis and I really enjoyed the concert part. Worship. ;) We saw Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman,  LaCrae, Christy Nockels, David Crowder, Jesus Culture, Hot Spanish Guy Who Can Sing/Play Guitar & Who Looks Like My Old Friend's Bro, and Charlie Hall. I would love to see Hillsong. If they book them, I'm going for sure.

Charlie Hall covered "Manifesto" originally by The City Harmonic. So good. He did a great job!

So, while I was in Hotlanta, I got to meet a friend of mine! We met on Facebook when I was in high school and he lives right outside of Atl. So, he came to our motel and I met him and we went downtown to watch the peach drop at midnight on New Year's! It was so great to see him in person. Breathing and staring at me. That's one thing I can mark off my list! I've always wanted to meet him and hang. I definitely want him in Tejas real soon.  ^_____^ 

It's surreal meeting someone you've known for years. For me, I feel like it's another step into a relationship. It's crazy. He's so petite! A smaller foot than me! lol, I can't believe it. And he licks his CDs to make them work. Real vomit coming out of my mouth. So gross! X(

Anyway, we made it home real late, and I was so happy to see Texas. I so appreciate my state when I'm away from it. There was even a state trooper in Orange.

The stars at night are big and bright...

So, I go back to work tomorrow and I start school on Monday. My friend asked me when I was writing next two days ago and here I am. 
Writing to you. I love this feeling of...letting it go.
I think everyone needs to feel this...feel. Hahaha, to let go and breathe.

God is all around us. One last thing: I'm in love with Bad Books. It's Manchester Orchestra with Kevin Devine. Beautiful. I've been hooked on the linked song below. They just came out with a new album and I can't wait to play it in the sanctity of my own home.

Eeee, excited. It took me forever to give it a try. I don't like Kevin's solo stuff so I was hesistant, but I finally gave it listen.

Never looking back. One more last last thing! I love this movie. I am buying it soon!

-whistle- Click, click.

Love you more than you know,

PS: Happy 2013. Make the best out of it. I know I will. <3 br="br">

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