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Today is The Day.

HIM. I've been telling you guys how excited I am, and now it is here! In 3 hours, I will be in Houston getting ready for the con! I have the butterflies. ^__^ I want to get an autograph and stuff, but you never know with shows. They probably won't come out. It is a ritzy club. So, I went to Sugarland with my sister to help her find a prom dress. Of course, we had to stop by the Apple store and try out the new iPad. Personally, I would never get one because I can just use my computer. And laptop. And listen to my iPod. And read an actual book. Haha, but it is one cool technological rectangle. Everything is in your hands literally. :) Sooooo, I go to Facebook on one, and someone had done the same thing! They left their email and password in the blanks. Now, a noble, respectable person would just delete their info and go about their business. That's what I did not do. I logged into to this chick's account and put as her status: '----- is an idiot who leaves their account information on an iPad in the Apple Store! Love you! ♥' lols ensue. I also commented on a Tegan & Sara video a friend posted.

Seriously. Why would you do that?! You are asking for hax0rxS. =/ I'm crocheting a cowl! I'll keep you updated! HIM pictures this weekend! Ka-POW!


PS: My cousin on FB always ends his status with either a joke about a football team or YOW! Ka-POW! It's like he is karate chopping his computer. o_o

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