Friday Nights, Your Bright Lights


This is weird, I'm actually blogging two days in a row! I hope it's still okay that I'm over here..blogging for you. :) That was my attempt to be cute and awkward at the same time. I was doing some musical findings and I stumbled upon Cab Calloway! He sung "Minnie the Mooncher". Which the scat part of the song everyone knows. EVERYONE.
"Hi Di hi Di hi Di hi!"
This song has been said to be racist, but it really isn't at all. Calloway was black and so was his band! It's just a great song, and probably the act of minstrel made it seem like that. =/ That was a waste of talent, I think. It makes me mad, but it also helped to shape America today. Good and bad, I guess. I still don't like it. lol, anyways. I just randomly looked up that song and read about it and that branched off to them singing in a Betty Boop cartoon. Crazy! Calloway was also in the '85 Blues Brothers movie which is where I remember him from! He also went on Sesame Street!! Such a win, right?! Awesome! He danced funny. I have a feeling MJ got inspiration from his moves. Last night was funnn, I hung out with my friend and her church family, go to see new smiling faces! We had a good time! ^__^ My friend and I spend a lot of time together, and I am so happy because I've never had a person to hang out with where I live now. It's the first, and I love it. No wonder people hang out a lot! Oh! Does anyone know Groucho Marx? He was the best comedian; hands down. I watched two of his acts, and I have to say he reminds me of people who keep talking until it's funny. He just keeps talking and not letting the other person in the skit butt in. lol, plus he's Jewish and has that New York accent. Good stuff. Thanks Groucho for making comedy nerdy! I am happy, but then I am sad at the same time. You know how it feels when you don't see a friend in a while or maybe it's not even that: I feel like we aren't connecting anymore. I feel a shift; maybe because they chose things I wouldn't imagine for them, but it makes me unbearably sad for them; for me. I try to keep it out of my mind, but it's relentless. Pray for me. Please? I didn't mean to end this sad!!! Mukluks!!

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