Flips and Crap.

Holy, cow! I know. One of my favorite movies. We were in Wal-Mart, too! My favorite movie! Do you know it? Tell me in the comments. The comms! So spring is almost over. The spring semester, I mean and I can't wait to head on out. I just really feel burnt out. Hey! I watched this movie tonight:

Which was from this comic book!

The movie/comic is about these two girls living in a city trying to find out who they are exactly. They just graduated high school and now the black-haired chick is taking an art class she failed to get her diploma; her friend is doing what most normal teens do: job and saving up for an apartment. They are kinda weird, but are cool in a sense. I always get the teen coming of age stuff. =/ It's actually a good movie; I bought it at the Movie Gallery that was shutting down for like...4 bucks. So...I kinda...regret...the purchase. It's cool, I'll proabably swap it and get Material Girls or something. Jay kay! Ugh, work is knocking on my door. This is a short blog! Unlike my friend, Timothy who writes juicy, long, awesome blogs. Check this rad guy out! :D Pffft. He says 'cordially'. Later, guys!!


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