Searching and finding.

I almost put a smiley in my blog title. Alllmost.

Oh, heys! ^___^
So, Easter has come and gone and I am back to the old grind. The old filibuster. [What?] It was really fun having days off. I finally got to relax and not worry or think or bother with anything. Just Brawl, friends, and fun. Also Mexico, because we went to the fleamarket in Pearland. Oh jah. We went. Leah and I traveled Saturday to the market. Still as shocking as the first time. This is our...third time going there and looking around? Just think of a place that is one stop shopping. Anything you can imagine or even need is at one place. It's ridiculous. So cheap!! Better than Wal-Mart. So much better. We also went to shop for Easter clothes, but no dice. I found this cute gray cardigan and shirt, but it wasn't appropiate for Easter! Gray? Come on. Pssh, I wore it, baaby! Looking good. HIM is coming to Houston on April 30th! I am really excited! I can't wait to go! I started liking HIM in 8th grade, and they quickly became my favorite band. I loved how Ville sung about lost love and heartache. It made my young heart hopeful. Hahaha, but they are coming here, and I am so going! it's going to be great! :D I hope to meet them....too much. My mom has been on an insulting the heck out of us lately! She has called my sister fat and she told me I need to do something with my unhealthy hair. It's ridic. So inappropiate, right? Riiight. My mom used to be fat, but she got diabetes and was put on a diet. Well, to me I think it's hypocritical to call your daughter fat when you were fat yourself. Also, don't just say it, go on a diet with her. Exercise with her and maybe it will help. Instead of just being a jerkwad. What made me upset was, I could tell my sister was upset about it. Also, she has commented on my hair. Dudes, my hair isn't the greatest, but going to a salon to give the people 1/4 of my paycheck doesn't feel right to me. I seriously think I can do this at home. My mom always says I need to do this and that to my hair and look my age. It's very frustrating to hear that, because I know I'm broke. Haha, she even offered to pay. We're both broke. Dumb. Uhh, so dramatastic. I'm not letting it get me down, though. Only a short while until I am on my own, and out of her hair. HAH!
Here are some videos to make you laugh or look at weirdly:

We were at the flea market, and the poodle and I had a moment.

Just a touch of what the fleamarket is about. If I could zoom in, I would. It's crazy there. Don't mind my sister, she will kill me anyways after she sees this.

Okay, it took me forever to finish this blog.



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