You're Knockin' At My Window.

Let me just dust this blog off!

Hello guys!

I am so s l o w. Please forgive me! Eek! So, tomorrow I h
ave a day off and I am super duper excited to sit on my lazy bum. Today! I don't know, Tuesdays are my busiest. I have classesbowlingandsewingclass all in 8 hours. Not really. I have a lot to do. Anyways! So, I have a Blippy. Go check it out and join if you want! It posts what you buy and people can follow you and comment on your newest underwear! Haha, jk! :) But if you are more on the weird side...it's best not to get one. I am just saying.


rofl, this is going to be great. I've been needing a calendar. ;) So, I love fashion. I just don't like how hard they make it to be bizarre. Most stuff I see in mags I would never see a girl wearing to school or on the street. It's ridic, I mean why make something for people to buy that is fug? For my body type I have decided on some flattering clothes. Really, it's all about the waist, the bust, and skimming over the body.

or you can just forget it and wear sneakers:

Tacky! :)
I don't wear heels everyday. Very rarely. There's no way I'm going to rock those at school. No. Way. But I would wear the plaid and skirt. Fer suree. :) I love plaid. Even before it was uber popular. Yes, I know! So, I actually made something worthwhile with my crochet prowess:
For whom the bell tolls.

I am so proud of my ghost. ^__^ Haha! I gave up the ghost! It didn't take me long either. I got the pattern from the magical treasure trove. I love it. ...I don't know what to do with it now. Maybe send it to my friend in Germany? I dunno; time will tell. Has anyone played Chat Roulette? How was it? I want to try it out so bad, but I don't want to see penis everywhere. That wouldn't make my night at all. It seems so fun!
This guy...he's actually really cool. You guys should check out his improv chatroulette vid. He cracked me up. Geeeez.

okay, bye!!


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