And Now The Bitter Taste of Olive Oil Is On Your Lips.


On Monday, I was at the Post Office, and I saw this man protesting against Obama. I was dumb and did not have my phone to take a picture. It was insane, basically. This guy has signs everywhere walking around with a sign hanging from his neck saying that Obama is taking away health care and he is lazy, etc. Bad things all around. I was pretty sure that what they were doing was against the law. The Post Office is like a Federal...place. I mean, you can't just set up shop and parade around with that kind of propaganda. The guy who was in charge was walking about and telling people about it. Well, he only talked to the white old guys. He only said something when I stopped and stared at his signs. Today, I called the Post, to ask for information about this guy and all the information they had was who he was with. Turns out he is supporting http://www.larouchepac.com/. This guy here is a Democratic candidate who ran 8 times! I think for President or something. He is very ignorant person who has been to jail for fraud. So stupid to present your beliefs like that. I think you aren't gaining much ground when you mud sling to that extent. He is very radical even though I don't like using that word for this guy because I use it for good things. I'm not big on politics. But! I know when you're doing it wrong. This guy is. He is a loss is more than a gain. Good jorb. Not voting for you. I know he isn't the only political figure who goes this route, but this is first time I've seen it to this degree with my own eyes.

Maaan, and as I said, I'm not too big on politics but this doesn't want me to join his team at all. Or support anything. It's just very tacky and I'm sure it's effective but it's giving negative affects. The lady who picked up the phone even asked if I was the one who turned the guy in. Well. Allergy season! So awesome! Not really. I feel so drowsy, and everything is a haze.

-______- What medicine should I take, because right now I am a cold turkey. My nose is bare---I don't have any and I need some. Let's put it that way. Please leave suggestions in the comments. :D It will be greatly appreciated! For now, it's off to do stuff at work!



#6: When I was in jr. high I would get anxious at night that I would be killed in my sleep.


angela said...

Well, I definitely agree with you that he's doing everything the wrong way. But the poster about "global warming" made me laugh out loud! At least he's inventive!

Seo said...

Ohhhh, I've heard of him and he's crazy. He isn't even really considered a candidate.

Guuuurl, get chu some daytime Benadyrl. Don't get anything for cold because it'll just make you loopy; personally, tussin and punch (Advil Cold and Sinus liquid stuff; started calling it my punch because it's blue/orange and has a weirdly thin consistency) just make me feel sicker.

Janae said...

Can't even believe you called the post. What an adult!

And get some Afrin no-drip nose spray. Its the rite stuff. <3

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