In The Company Of My Peers

Hey. :)

What a week! So surprising, sad, and inspiring at the same time. [I'm very emotional, okay?] I grew older and matured. I guess? Hahaha, I have such lovely friends. I really do. They totally surprised me and I really am blessed to have them. No joke. Tons of homework. Not fun. It's so weird, because I was totally broke the past two weeks. Somehow God made it possible for me to get around and hang out with everyone. ^___^ Heck yes! Words can not describe. We Heart It, one of my favorite websites is asking donations because they can't pay for it anymore. So many people browse it everyday. That's great! But bad because it's so much slower now. :P I hope everything works out...tonight I went to writing class and I really enjoyed myself. I like that we have deadlines and not fixed homework all the time and our stories are OURS. We make them up and write them. No prompts. No lengths. Just our own imaginations. This is our second meeting because we only meet once a week, but I am looking forward to what we are going to do in the future. I am super excited. Best class out of my schedule! On the down side, I had a test in chemistry, and then I waited 2.5 hours for our lab, and all we did is get a rule sheet about the lab. Wasted. Time. Plus, it smelled so bad. I don't know if my allergies are giving me a sensitive nose or something, but it's just been really bad for me. :( It gives me light headaches and stuff. Maybe I should go to a doctor? I'm not sure. We can't afford it right now, but God will provide. I felt like I should automatically change when I turned 21 on Friday. Psh, I still have growing up to do. Hahaha! Me & mom are trying to make it one day at a time. That's all we can do. God willing. Good-bye!


PS: Holy guac, I got this catalog for work to buy jars and stuff and there was a Mammy Jar! Straight up racist stuff from Pennsylvania! :O Could not believe.

PPS: Sleeptime!

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kimhoay said...

Yay! Surprise! lol This post is just all over the place. ADD much? Jk! hehe Go get checked!

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