And Then It Hit Me!

I can't sit here and say that,
you have not spoken truth.
Fragile, teary-eyed and crossed.
Double crossed.
Our midnight confessions left a bitter taste in my mouth,
as did my confession to the Father.
I want to take it back.
Truth should be heard, not spoken sometimes.
It's as if my body is made of different pieces, scattered and half buried.
I dug them out, but you still hold my skeleton key.
Cut and slash your way to victory & peace.
I need more than just time for these wounds.

I just went for that. I saw that, and out a poem goes!

Rachel :)

#2: I don't think what I write makes sense to anyone. Maybe because I just wrote a poem free form...maybe.

1 comment:

Janae said...

girl i'm lovin' all up on that poem.

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