What Is It Like?

Hey guys! I was going to write evr'day, but I am just going to write now! I had a sickly, but fun weekend! I have been waking up feeling really bad. [Nasally.] Gross snotty things, but I'm guessing it's my allergies. We've had so much rain. Almost everyday this week! Or last week; however you want to look at it! It makes me sad. Everything is soggy, and don't get me wrong, I love snuggling under cold covers when it's raining and it lulling me to sleep but I can't do that. I have to go outside. Not fun. I have a book list going of stuff I need to read but Friday I just pushed it all aside and checked out some poetry! Whoops! :) I am in the need for some Earthly poems. I checked out a modern book, Emily's, and E.E. Cummings. My! That guy is something else! Wrote some steamy stuff. I like it though; I like when people burst through your expectations of them and what their life is. For some reason, it makes me happy. Yeah, good things. I'm on Emily now. I checked out a big book of hers. o___o I probably just should have limited myself. That is a lot of Emily. Ahem, so that's on my agenda along with school and life. Ahh, just busy busy. My lovely friend and her boyfriend came to my job on Saturday and brought me a present. It was really sweet of them. I seriously don't know how to express my love for everyone at times. It kinda overflows. ^////^ Not even kidding. I started on my story for Creative Writing! The class is so slack, I really don't know what we are doing or writing about. She really gives us our freedom to do whatever. I just would like to know...where we are as far as writing topics. We talked about our inner critic, so I wrote about that. To put it briefly, she is a snooty, pessimistic, smarty version of me. She wears cat eye glasses, narrow eyes, and a strong sense of accomplishment all the time. And she puts me down. I wanted my character or me, to think she was a real person and come to find out that she is apart of who she is as a writer and a person. It's really simple to explain, but hard to write out with dialogue and stuff like that. I'm glad I have this blog because it really helps. In ways I can not even begin to understand. I'm starting a project; I will write one fleeting thought from my mind or a truth at the end of each of my entries for 100 days! You'll see just how much stuff I think about or how small my imagination is. Hopefully the latter. Hahaha. I hope you keep up with me or start one yourself! I think it will be fantastic. If I remember each time. Haaaaaa! Kay.

I'm reading:

Him & Him & Her.

bye-bye love doves!

[Mr. Cummings was nauuughty!]

#1: My mom has a family who won't even talk to her.

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Justin said...

I have ee's complete poems if you ever want to borrow it.

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