When You Had None, I Gave You Plenty.

Hello friends!
Wooo! What a weekend! I seriously did not have a dull or chill moment all 4 days. Friday, I get off work and go straight to Austin to pick up my sister from school! Straight driving, and she drove back. My mom had almost had a heart attack because of a little rain. I had to go, because there was no way I would wake up and drive. I totally think my alignment is off because my car [Anna] is wobbly now. That makes me sad. :( Other than that, we got home at 2 am and slept late in the day Saturday. We went to Pearland randomly? And when we came back...THEY PLANNED A SURPRISE PARTY FOR ME!!!! I couldn't believe it!! I was totally taken by surprise. It was amazing that one of my friends planned it all! She was so sneaky! Oooh. ;D

There were princess [Ariel included], napkins & a table cloth! So great.
It was an early birthday party. I loved it. I have some of the greatest friends and my mom and sister was in on it too! :) Sunday was church and a revival. The evangelist was my pastor's grandson so it was kinda cool. He is in college and married. Him and his wife are so cute. :3 Monday we got ready for Austin. On the road, I saw the cloud picture! What do you think it looks like? :) My sister drove up and I drove back. I stopped by my friend's house in Smithville! So much fun! I really enjoyed myself. We were cuttin' up on evr'thang! And so was her husband. :D So much fun that I got home at midnight. 9:35 class the next morning. Crazy. I cleared up my schedule issues with my VA counselor. Praying about that. I had a dream on Sunday night! It was just me opening up a letter addressed to me and it was a check for over 1,000 dollars!! WOAH! And when I opened the check, my sight zoomed in on the amount. I don't know what God has in store, I can't figure Him out and when I think I do, He throws a curve ball. So, I'm not going to over think or worry about it. Try not to. Heh. Today, at work I had to meet the person selling me one my textbooks, and let them know I couldn't pay for it. It was hardcore raining outside and the wind was ridiculous! So, I run run run to the courthouse next door and I didn't see anyone waiting with a book! Also, I was looking for a girl; not a girl. He's a dude who has the book, so I went back to the museum and then back to the courthouse. He's all eating. Ha, it was funny. He gave me the book anyway. T____T That was so sweet and I'm very lucky. Blessed, I mean. I'm going to try to get a schedule for updating music and pictures but today was the first day I was on my computer! I haven't touched it since last week. o_o;;; So, we'll see how this week turns out! kbyes!


PS: Aren't those pork rinds too much? I saw them at Wal-Mart. :P Gnarly!

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kimhoay said...

BAHAHAHA SURPRISE AGAIN! :D That reminds me... I need to upload the pictures to FB!!

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