Elipses, Eclipses

I'm concert deprived. I really want to go to Vampire Weekend's show on October 7th! It's on a Thursday. I have class on that day. Curse you math!! And then! On November 11th, Motion City Soundtrack is flipping coming!! I was so so happy! They were on Warped, and I didn't go but this is my second chance!! I want to go so bad. The bands who are on tour with theeemmmm....ugh. D=< Say Anything. I don't even know if I'm going or not. I want to. MCS. Ohhh my heart.
I saw the Michael Graves Misfits is coming as well this year. I just don't know about that.

I have 69 posts. Muhahahaha!

1 comment:

kimhoay said...

>=| You need to limit yourself to one show! Quit spending your money! I'm tired of hearing you complain about being broke all the time, missy!! It's because you don't save. (PS. I yell because I care. <3)

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