After All Of This, You Still Stay?

I met my room-mate today. She is really nice. She's from a small town like me and loves country music and dogs. Her name is Payton. :) I think we're going to get a long, because we respect each other's privacy [what little we have], and things like that. I should post another music day. I should post what I've been doing. But I'm not. I am just writing who I met today. I saw bits of Nick & Norah in the lobby this afternoon. Good stuff. These guys were wrestling and hit me. Sooooo awkward. Didn't hurt? Yeah! I saw this couple who couldn't stand to be away from each other. Yep, that couple. Does not know when it's okay to do PDA. That wasn't a good time. They were all drama n3rds so I didn't say much about it. One thing about my roomie is that she is a morning person! 6 AM she gets up to get dressed and ready. I can't even imagine doing that again. I did that in 9th grade. Nope. Too old. For waking up that is, just no. Anyways, Payton went to PetCo to get a fish and I saw a glimpse of SA. Pretty exciting. Two Wal-Marts! TWO! Blowing my mind. Target. Get out of here with that! Really stoked!
Woah! The internet is working at full blast! :)


#30: Thank you God, for everything.

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