Is It Okay, To Light My Hand On Fiyah?

Oh my gravy.
It's been too long. At Hastings mooching off their interwebz. I can't figure out why I have such bad fortune at my dorms with the internet service. =/ Only me. Probably because I'm a transfer student.


The barista is playing hardcore music and Rise Against. Good and bad. Their store is so much better than the one back home. Actually... a lot of stuff is better than home. Hastings being one of the many. They have two Wal-Marts! TWO! Both huge! Anyways, I'm so happy because I've found a church and a friend already. She is amazing, I am really blessed to have met her. We hit it off from the first conversation we had. It was really rad. She is really rad. Also, I met this guy down my hall who is 21. Friends. Relate to eachother on totally different levels. It's different in the dorms. I...I don't know. I definitely want an apartment next semester and for the summer. I mean, I am a shy pooper. Not anymore. Any place. Nu-huh. Not too crazy about that. In other news, I have lost 15 pounds since the summer!!! I can't believe it! I used to be
335 and now I am 318. By May I want to be under 300 pounds. Seriously. I am so close! 250? Possible? Heck yes. Just typing that I feel tons better about myself. I knew if I just put mind power to it and God behind me, it can be done and I did it. I can't believe it. Hard work pays off. :)


PS: DEF a lot of cell blogging from now on. I'm not letting Concho get the best of me. ;)

#32: I have conviction, too.


Anonymous said...

You're pretty rad yourself!

RoseColoredGlasses said...

I was 325 when I started! Keep it up, RL!
Also. Old post. Creepy? Don't care. Readin' 'em all. Like it.

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